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We have all had financial trouble at some point in our lives. Instead of drowning in debt, get your head above water by declaring bankruptcy. Millions of Americans file each year in order to get the help they need. By filing for bankruptcy, they’ve been able to sail straight and get their lives back on course.

If you are in need of a Houston bankruptcy attorney, don’t wait. Benefit from expert and legal help on your financial situation when you turn to the foreclosure and bankruptcy attorneys at Acosta Law in Houston, Texas. Since 1998, we have advised many clients on all possible options for debt relief including bankruptcy. Acosta Law can guide you through the ropes of foreclosure and debt settlements.

Our small firm is able to provide you with attentive service and one-on-one interaction you need.

Move past this point in your life as quickly as possible with our timely responses and personal services. We know your situation is stressful and urgent. Our small firm is able to provide you with attentive service and one-on-one interaction you need. Past clients have commended us on our quick response time and ability to get the job done.

Come ask all of your questions and find out how we can steer you to brighter financial horizons. Your first foreclosure, bankruptcy, or debt settlement consultation is always free, and we are eager to get you out of that tight spot.

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Our Bankruptcy Services

Chapter 7

If you need help immediately, Chapter 7 may be the best option. This version of bankruptcy can allow you to sell certain items in exchange for debt relief. Learn more about Chapter 7 and how you can qualify.

Chapter 13

If you are in dire financial straits, but think you might get out of it sooner than later, Chapter 13 is for you. Chapter 13 allows you to make monthly contributions to all of your creditors while also letting you hold onto assets which you absolutely need.

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How Does Bankruptcy Work?

Do you need to file for bankruptcy, but have no idea how it works? Acosta Law can walk you through the process step by step. Get the information you need in the simplest terms possible and get your peace of mind now.