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Houston Repossession Lawyer


Preventing and Reversing Repossessions Through Bankruptcy

When financial crisis strikes, problems often seem to just keep piling on, one after another. If you or someone you love has been laid off, become ill or injured, or simply become a victim of a struggling economy, you may suddenly be facing creditor harassment and the possibility of repossession. If you are facing challenges such as these, it may be time to take action and protect your rights under Texas and federal bankruptcy protections.

At Acosta Legal our Houston bankruptcy attorney has helped more than 15,000 individuals and families get debt relief, end creditor harassment, stop foreclosures and prevent repossession by using the powers of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We are a client-focused law firm with a culture of care that is designed to give you the support and solutions you need.

Helping Houston Clients Solve Complex Financial Problems

We know that when you are facing repossession, time is of the essence. With little time to act, it is important to get the advice and guidance of a professional quickly, particularly if a creditor has taken possession of your property. Otherwise your property may be sold off. Bankruptcy protections through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may be the best way to help you deal with a complex situation.

We may be able to help you use bankruptcy laws to prevent repossession of or recover:

  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Furniture

  • Personal property

  • Boats

  • Jewelry

Our clients come from all walks of life in the diverse communities of Houston County. We have helped doctors and executives as well as single mothers and day laborers. When you rely on our bankruptcy lawyer, you work with a professional who has established a proven record as an attorney with comprehensive knowledge of financial issues.

Working to Get Results

We know how dramatically losing your car can impact your life, and we help prove that point to bankruptcy courts to protect your most important property. Bankruptcy is not a punishment, it is a tool to help people get the second chances they need and deserve.

Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. If you are facing repossession, contact our bankruptcy professionals online or by phone to set up a free consultation.

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