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Houston Nondischargeable Debts Lawyer

How Nondischargeable Debts Impact Your Bankruptcy

Not all debts are able to be discharged under bankruptcy, and it's important to understand which debts you can impact and which you will still be responsible for after filing. While there may be occasional exemptions to these nondischargeable debts, in most cases you will still be responsible for paying things such as support obligations from a divorce agreement or student loans.

At the office of Acosta Law we make sure that when you file or consider filing for bankruptcy you have a clear picture of what to expect after the dust has settled. We know that the last thing you need is to come out of bankruptcy in exactly the same financial place where you are now, and we explore all options to discharge the debt we can so you have the resources to handle the rest.

What Debt Can and Can Not Be Discharged

To get the clearest picture about how you will be able to reduce or eliminate debt through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you should talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney that can review the specifics of your case. While most unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills can be relieved, other kinds of debt are either nondischargeable or may have certain restrictions, such as:

To get the most out of your legal protections, it's important to have all the facts. When you work with our office you get the experience you depend on and a client-focused approach to solving serious financial issues. You work directly with an experienced Texas bankruptcy lawyer who can fully evaluate your situation and provide a clear picture of what can be done to help you and what your situation will be like after your case is resolved.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Get the Facts You Need

We don't push people into bankruptcy. We educate you on your options and give you the tools and support to take action. Let us review your case, give you a clear indication of what kinds of debt relief you can expect from bankruptcy and offer guidance you can rely on.

Contact Acosta Law online or by phone to set up an appointment.

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